Error Backing Up A Cd

hi all
I’m having problems making a back up copy of a data cd it is a information cd/program of a shop manual. The cd has to be in the drive to run the program. The disc is getting scratch’s from heavy use so before I cant use it anymore I need to make a back up copy of it. I tried Nero disc copy and it fails to copy. It reads as follows

    buffer under run protection activated
    analyzing disc
    the cd is copyrighted
    burn process started at 40 x (6,000 kb/S)
    unrecoverable read error
    unrecoverable read error
    unrecoverable read error
    unrecoverable read error

and so on through out the burn process is there any way i can fix this problem so i can make a good usable back up disc? thanks for any help

Download Aray scanner from here:

Scan the CD and the program folder (different options), its quite possible there’s a version of safedisk (copy protection) on the disk. Let us know if a copy protection pops up.

Other than that, read the disk to an image at the lowest speed possible, and then try to burn that image to a disk.

aray scan results

[07:31:38 AM] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 4.00
[07:31:51 AM] — File(s) Scan Finished [14.93s] —

Any Ideas On How To Get Around This

Chances are you’ll need to emulate it. There are very very few drives that can back this up correctly.

A guide on how to make a mini-image is here (this may still work):

Also, you can try the Safedisk 2/3 emulation method from the offline help guide found here:

Thanks Squinty I’ll Check Into That Link I’ll Let You Know How It Works Out

That link is great… registerd jus to say “The mini-image worked fine for safedisk 2.8”… thank all of you. I never even had to post cause all the great info I needed was right here on the sight lol… thx again all.

Hi. I’ve got a similar problem, but A-ray is showing no protection.

I’m still getting the unrecoverable read error and I’m using Nero 5.

Any advice much appreciated.


The link has changed. Here is the new one: