Error at 50% to 80%

Hey guys, Im new here, but I have been using clone/anydvd for a few months. I used to use TDK discs and about half of them were bad. The rest work fine. Now I can burn anything. None of my setting have changed. I thought I would try new media since I didnt like throwing away half my blank discs. I get this error:

CloneDVDTemp/Video_TS/VTS_05_02.VOB: Read Error
Data Error (cylic redundancy check) Clean surface and try again
File 1 C:/CloneDVDTemp/VIDEO_TS/VTS_05_2.VOB 23 W2

It does this even with DVD’s have have burned before. And if I look at teh disc it writes all tha way to the edge of it. It’s like its not compressing. And the DVD plays fine on any player, but its stops after 1 hour.

Windows XP no NAV
Im using A Toshiba SDR5372.
Media used: Sony AccuCore DVD+R X8, or JCV DVD+R X8, both say RW on
them as well.

Every this goes well, it rips you temp file, then starts to write but always stops between at a rando % but never over 78%. Been working fine until now. And It burned X-mas With the Kranks, but now it won’t any more. I tryed 5 DVD’s and it burned X-mas W/Kranks but won’t any more. Same deal as the others. Also a few days ago, my brother burned 5 movies just fine, before this started on the same sony discs, But mine say AccuCore.

Probably a year old? How about an update?

That wouldnt fix why it starts to burn and then stops before finished. And the movie works. AnyDvd ony removes the CCS Key. It rips to the hard drive just fine. Why would I need to update it? MY CloneDVD is the newest version available.


Why are you so against updating, it’s always wise to have the latest version.
By stating newest version of CloneDVD does not verify what version you’re using. Try updating to AnyDVD and CloneDVD, and make certain the disk is cleaned thoroughly, then see if that corrects your problem. If not I suspect you may have a defective original.

@ xzyras1,

It amazes me that someone runs to the Forum unaware as to the cause of his problem, receives sound advise from a knowledgeable Forum Member, then all of a sudden becomes more knowledgeable than knowledgeable Forum Member.

Take a hint from a extremely knowledgeable Forum member that probably knows as much as the original author of the AnyDVD software program and replace your old out dated (14 revisions old) AnyDVD software.

Visit SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Before you challenge the knowledge base of Forum Members strongly suggest acquiring detail knowledge on exactly how the AnyDVD software program removes the copy protect schemes contained in Commercial DVD Movie Titles. When you acquire that knowledge you will then understand that it is imperative to use the newest most up to date version of the AnyDVD software program to successfully make back up copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles that contain copy protection schemes.

Best Regards,

Im not against updating. I don’t see how updating AnyDvd is going to solve my problem. For the second time, I do have the newest version of cloneDVD ( Has nothing to do with the discs. I tried many discs even onez that I have burned before with no problems. If you don’t know please don’t post. Telling everyone to update like you know something is useless. I searched before posting and thats all you guys seem to know, update. Either way I fixed it.

Just because Im not on this forum, doesn’t mean I don’t understand how it works. Your advise was also to update AnyDVD, while telling me what it does. Do you understand what it does? Read my entire post. My problem was not removing the CSS key, or ripping to the hard drive. My problem is was getting CloneDvd to compress it to the disc. Thats it. Don’t assume that everyone new to this place has “no” knowlege of how things work. You are not the only person onthe planet to understand computers. Either way it’s fixed, with no updating. Although I will update AnyDvd. Thanks for the help guys! No hard fellings.


Hi :slight_smile:
Would you be so kind to tell us how you fixed this problem & as a result did you find out why this happened to produce this situation. If so,could you let us in on the cause.

Hmm… that’s the nicest anyone as ever asked anything. 950 posts… I smell a trap.

The software was not compressing. For some reason it was trying to write in a larger format than the disc (4.7) even though it was set at DVD-5, or custom and set at 4700. I can only imagine the the software bugged out or it has a glitch. I just reinstalled it. Works like a charm again. Burned everything fine. I still have the old version AnyDvd. And know it works. I will upgrade that soon as not to have any future issues.

@ xzyras1,

Suggesting that a Forum Member use the latest version of the AnyDVD software program is not an unfounded “canned” reply spit out by a Forum Member as you suggest in your posting. There are valid reasons for using the most up to date version of AnyDVD.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting and note comments by James of SlySoft Technical Support Staff in posting #14. This will provide some insight as to why using the most up to date version of AnyDVD is important.

If you were using an old version of AnyDVD (14 versions old) AnyDVD could possibly be erroneously interrupting a copy protection scheme employed on the newer Commercial DVD Movie Title and feeding erroneous data to Clone DVD, which could cause an error problem. This is why the extremely knowledgeable Forum Member Tru originally suggested visiting SlySoft ( and acquiring the latest version of AnyDVD to ensure this was not happing in your case.

Best Regards,

What valid reason would that be? So your saying AnyDvd was my problem? If not then why are we talking about it? Because it wasn’t ripping correctly? It seemed to rip just fine. I even transferred the files manually to my hard drive. CloneDVD2 still didn’t write it to the disc. It did however write to the edge of the disc, and I can play and watch up until the end of all the movies. (Depending on length of course) I said this already, did you not read the entire post?

That link would have been great had I been having trouble removing the Code to begin with. I fail to see how that matters when the DVD has already been backed up on this system. Although im sure instead of helping with the topic you’re going to try to tell me. Well to test the set up, because the 3 DVD’s being backed up were fairly new, I tried to copy one that had already been successful, to make sure if it was that I needed an update, or bad media, but since that previously backed up Dvd did the exact same thing, one could only conclude that the problem was in CloneDvd. And since I reinstalled CloneDvd2 and now it works fine, one can only conclude that updating the version of AnyDvd does not solve any and all issues. And it was indeed a problem with CloneDvd2. Though it is a good idea to update AnyDvd, it is misplaced here. So please stop talking to me about AnyDvd. You were wrong, I’m sorry. Isn’t this the CloneDvd forum.

Does it from your experience only erroneously interrupt the copy protection scheme on new discs? Then fail to work for all discs altogether? Even ones that have been backed up with no erroneous mishaps?

So if you’re right and I’m wrong, shouldn’t my set up never have worked? And not work now? Well it worked, and I burned Dodgeball. It broke, then it didn’t burn Dodgeball. Now I reinstalled it and burned Dodgeball again. Explain that with your theories of AnyDvd and updating. Do you make money when we update or something?

I thank Tru for his response, I don’t think I said anything in my response to him where I imply me being more knowledgable than he is. If it seemed that way, Tru I’m sorry.

But hey, we got it working, that’s what’s important here. I appreciate you guys taking the time to help, thanks!

Sorry, my fault. I didn’t understand your first posting correctly. This is not an AnyDVD problem (but it is still highly recommended to update, just to rule out some ancient bug).

This error

seems to happen when CloneDVD reads its temporary files. The conclusion is, that the device where these temporary files are, is giving an error.
Possible reasons:
1.) Harddrive defective
2.) Loose cables
3.) CPU overheating
4.) Memory defective
5.) Weak power supply
6.) Bad sofware installed (this includes Norton Anti Virus)
7.) Your machine caught a virus


Regarding your statement below in post #7
“For the second time, I do have the newest version of cloneDVD ( Has nothing to do with the discs.”

If you read your original post #1 and post # 3 you never actually state the version and only refer to it is newest. I don’t know if you are aware of it but threre is a program available using the same name “CloneDVD” that is a proven inferior product and far more expensive. I can’t count the times posters say I’m using the latest version of CloneDVD when in fact they are using the inferior product and thus having these problems. By advising the version # we’ll know immediately if you are using the correct program from Slysoft or Elaborate Bytes web sites.

In response to zebadee’s post # 9
“Hmm… that’s the nicest anyone as ever asked anything. 950 posts… I smell a trap.”
That was uncalled for, the person was merely asking you how you resolved it so future forum members can learn and try the solution themselves.

Please let’s not forget we’re not sitting at your computer and know all the software you have and any changes you have made which may have conflicted and corrupted your DVD burning programs. Think of it like a car mechanic try to diagnose a cars problem over the phone with the only information being what the customer is providing, or better said, not providing. Not an easy task to quickly identify the problem.

Lastly I’d like to say whenever I encounter a problem with software, knowing how finicky it can be, one of the first things I do is uninstall it, remove all registry entries, then reinstall it, many times that corrects the problem. We usually do suggest this troubleshooting tool, but in your case we failed you.

The main thing here is your problem was fixed, so you can continue to have success in burning DVD’s.

Uncalled for? Well unless you know him personally and you were sitting next to him I doubt you know his intentions. And from all I have read it seemed a little on the strange side. Given that, I did go on to answer his question. So it’s not as if I just accused him of something and left it at that. It was more of a playful remark. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for all the help guys.


Thanks for all the info Tru. I’ll check some of those. :smiley: