Error archiving DVDs on the fly

I have been making DVDs with CloneDVD for months with minimal problems. Now, when I try to archive DVDs with CloneDVD, on the fly, I get nothing but errors. At first I got the 32 errors, so I tried several times uninstalling CloneDVD and AnyDVD and reinstalling different versions.

The error I am now getting is 02:Unable to Open file. I browse to the Video_TS directory on the E: drive, my DVD Rom drive, and select it. The error shows it is e:/video_ts/video_ts/video_ts.ifo. However that is not the directory I browse to nor does it even exist.

My burner, a TDK 880N, is the D: drive.

The odd thing is if I write the DVD to my C: drive with DVDDecrypter first and then burn with CloneDVD, it is fine.

I am now running version of AnyDVD and of CloneDVD.

I’m stumped on this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I purchased a utility called Registry First Aid and ran it. I then ran MSConfig and removed a few un-needed programs from start up. I then uninstalled Windows Media Player and the DirectX 9 patch. I can now burn on teh fly again. I have since reinstalled WMP and the DirectX patch and can still burn on the fly. Very odd.