Error after opening folder containing video files

anybody familiar with this gibberish?

its the error message i get when opening a folder that contains loads of video files in different formats, it pops up about 10 times and i have to click x or else if i click ok i get loads of boxes that say 1,2,3,4,5 etc etc, verry odd definitely not a virus ive scanned enough times running latest version of McAfee, it happened around the time i uninstalled k-lite codec pack and installed DivX 6 codec pack so it must be related, but doesnt happen on my other machine which i did the exact same thing to, after the boxes explorer will crash then restart itself and everything runs smooth, and i get no more popups no matter how many times i open the folder, it also did it when opening a folder containg loads of jpegs and gifs, it also seems to happen when the thumbnails of the videos appear a second or two after i open the folder, about 20 thumbnails show then an error then i click x then 20 more load then an error if you see what i mean.

ive checked the error logs all that comes up is that explorer had a fault etc etc nothing specific to any program.

K-Lite Codec Pack = TEH SUKC. I’m guessing that it installed some sort of extension on you. Windows, when browsing a folder like this, tries to read EVERY SINGLE FILE to render a quickie preview. Sadly, it has to scan to the END of each file, so if some other extension or codec or something is gooned… it can cause major problems.

well do you know of any fix any way to remove any extensions it left behind etc?

Not offhand, sadly. I’m sure if you ask around someone will know, but I ended up reformatting a hard drive once after a bad codec pack install. :frowning:

Could try Start | Run REGSVR32 /u shmedia.dll

Clear the \Prefetch folder/s
Clear the \Recent folder/s and all other extraneous window’s and browser Caches

Start | Run SERVICES.msc and kill “Indexing Service”

Delete the Thumbs.db file (hidden) that’s within the problem folder
same for Desktop.ini (will be recreated after reopened)

if not effective
reverse -> Start | Run REGSVR32 /i shmedia.dll

Thanks this worked a treat. your a genius!

Uninstall K-Lite Codec Pack (a file in them might have broken)

just for keeping this thread alive. it still works! thank you all! :slight_smile: