Error after making the 6th multisession recording

I am using Nero bundled software.
Everytime I want to make a backup of a project I drag and drop it to the cd. After the sixth time, It would give me a " Error while reading from CD. Possibility of corrupt media". The first Cd tried was a rewritable. OK so I switched to a regular 80 minute cdr. Same thing.

Compile a new cd
Data CD
Continue with an existing data-CD (MultiSession)

selecting default session 6 track 6 iso 9660/Joliet (mode 1)

Using windows 2000 server

Anyone with similar problems?

Maybe I should download the latest drivers?

:smiley: :cool: :slight_smile:

Guess what? Downloaded driver update and it recognizes the CD and I can add data to the cd. Thanks Nero driver Updates!!!

I get the same error message (although I’m not sure if it’s the 6th time or not). I have been trying to find somewhere to download the driver update, but can’t seem to find it anywhere… :confused:

Any suggestions???