Error 7 Hotswap drama

Ok i think i’ve stuffed up my xbox now this is what ive done:
1- had an error 21 so downloaded necessary files to undertake hotswap
2- in my PC there are 2 is flat and grey like the one in the xbox and that goes from the dvd drive to the cpu board and the other is half inch wide and red and goes from cpu board to hdd.
3- with everything turned off i unplugged the ide cable from the dvd drive and left the red cable from the pc hdd alone
4- turned on pc and just before the boot up screen i hit the pause/break button
5- turned on xbox an once the microsoft logo appeared under X i removed the ide cable from xbox hdd and quickly as i could inserted the ide cable that i removed from my pc’s dvd drive into the xbox hdd
6- then i pressed spacebar to unpause the pc bootup
7- opened xplorer360 went to open and find hard drive but error could not find fatX drive
8- plugged back in xbox hdd with xbox ide cable and shut down xbox to attempt hotswap again
9- now all i have is error 7 and no microsoft logo appears under X it just hangs on X for 1 minute then goes directly to error 7 screen

What have i done wrong?
Can i fix this?
Is it still possible to hotswap and which way should i go about it?
Appreciate your help.

21 error is either a dash problem, or the 1st few sectors on your xbox hdd are damaged and so the fatx partition table cannot be read. You can format it and transfer the files back but mostly the same error will pop up on next reboot, except if only the dash files were missing. Error 7 shows that now your hdd is probably gone…

regards, Stephen