I have a MP 3 car audio player “Audiomaster”. I used to play the MP3 disc on it. Suddenly it started showing an “ERROR 2” rejecting the CDs. Please help me if anybody knows the solution.

There should be a small reset button on the unit somewhere, Press that and try again.

slayer, thanks for your advice :). Yes I do see a small reset button on my player. Perhaps I need to push it out when the player in ON state right??? Pls advice me on this please?

yes turn it on and press the reset button. I had the same problem but with a sony player in my car.

Yes I did it and still it doesn’t work at all. The tuner is working alright. But it is not taking in any disc. If I force the disc into the slot and play it, then it prompts as “ERROR 2”. :frowning: