Erratic sound

Built-in audio card on my friend’s MB behaves oddly.

When you run wmv files and video dvd’s, the sound is garbled. When you listen to cd audio or sound on a Powerpoint document, everything is fine.

We installed a brand new PCI sound card and the result is identical.

We re-installed XP and results are identical with built-in sound card and PCI sound card.

We did download k-lite codec pack but there was no improvement at all. Maybe we didn’t activate the codecs properly.

Could anybody let us know where we may have missed out?

Problem solved. I’m a bit disappointed to have received absolutely no suggestion from this forum.

From my knowledge of the people on this forum if anyone saw this and knew the answer I am sure they would have replied to your question, Can you tell us how the problem was solved?:slight_smile:

I changed the pci graphics card to an AGP one. Since it involved a 1.7Ghz Intel P4 PC, probably that the graphics cycles were interfering with the sound cycles.