Erratic SOHD-167TO Performance

I have had this ROM drive installed for almost one year and have to say that I am not happy with it’s performance for the past few months. Specifically, it seems to have trouble reading disks. I will put a game disk in the tray, for instance, and it’s a crap-shoot whether I will get the message “No disk in drive, try again”, or the drive will try and read the disk and then do nothing, or it will just sit in the tray with no activity lights showing action taking place. I have to say this probably happens about 50% of the time. All disks are clean and scratch-free, and the firmware that came with the drive is what’s installed. No update in that department. I have also reseated the cables to see if that would help, but no luck there. It’s very frustrating.

Since this is my first DVD drive, I’m not all that familiar with them and have to ask if this is normal behavior?..and I’m assuming it’s not! Any suggestions? Thanks.


It depends on the quality of the source media, from my experiences.

The codeguys rpc1 site has many firmwares for this drive, BTW.