Errant EMails


I received over a dozen e-mails in the past few weeks indicating that someone has just replied to a thread. I check the thread and see that it has not be active since January. I seem to get them in bunches. The latest was on 30 March when I received 2 or 3. Here is the text of the messages (the name is the only part that changes).

Hello dewd2,

anotherMike has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Please Olli, gimme a good reason to… - in the CloneDVD forum of Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power.

This thread is located at:

There may be other replies also, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the board again.

Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power team

In fact, I DID TRY to post in that thread, but for quite a couple of days only got error messages:

There seems to have been a slight problem with the Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power database.
Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.
An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

I already posted a bug report here: