Err:08-00-00 Cmd:2A - Vendor specific error triple

I recently started receiving the above error while trying to burn media with a PIONEER DVR-108. Also, occasionally I can hear the drive spinning when it should be idle. Is the drive close to its death?

Too less info…

The problem is not software-specific, so I am sure that it’s not a software issue. I only tried SONY08D1 media that they previously used to work fine with this drive. After each failed burn I noticed there were marking on the disc like round scratches that I suspect were caused by the drive.

I have the same problem/error, but only when I try to burn data DVD, I have successfully burned data and audio CD.

I’m using Prassi ONES software, I had pioneer DVR-215D sata drive which I changed for Pioneer DVR-216D sata drive both gave same error.

I even tried to flash DVR-215D different versions of firmware and kernel, but nothing worked.

I also tried to change DVD type Verbatim, Traxdata, Imation and none of them work on either 215 or 216 while on the older Pioneer burner i think 112 which is ATA drive ONES works perfectly.

After all tried I installed cdburner xp pro to try to burn with it and it worked, it now burns all types.

Is there any solution to this error, because ones is much better than cdburner xp pro.