Eroe when openning NERO VISION 4 in NERO7



hi i’m trying to open nero vision using nero7…i get an error message:
“fail to load the capturing subsystem”
how can i fix this problem …thanks in advance


i reinstalled it 3 times already and same error message,any suggestions.i think that 7.0.82 version is vey buggy



I just got the same problem. :frowning:
Did you find out why?


Download the nero clean tool at their site, clean and then reinstall. Works I betcha.


well i did that process 3 times already…uninstall then use nero clean tool then run registry mechanic…nothing,nothing works,still the same error message.
any other suggestions please


I betcha your problem comes where your “Serial Number” is not fully accepted by Nero as Nero & Genuine one.


try doing a custom installation of Nero 7 by check marking every component available. Then confirm that Nerovision works. Then uninstall those components you don’t need from the Nero Product Setup.


you mean evrerything else work but vision?


Yes I have seen this situation before.