Eric Schmidt talks Google TV, iPhone vs Android & more



Eric Schmidt talks Google TV, iPhone vs Android & more.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Speaking at the 2011 LeWeb technology conference held in Paris this week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt ruminated on the company's latest software, the increasing popularity of mobile platforms and how technology can help curb global atrocities (seriously). The talkative exec also made a big prediction about Google TV, and discussed how Android is leading the iPhone.

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What a scumbag. He and Google literally stole Apple’s IP causing Steve Jobs to vow to “go thermonuclear on Google” (for very valid reasons).
Yes Android was around before iPhone it but was nothing like it is today. In fact it was trying to copy Blackberry until it copied iPhone. Anyhow, I’m sure the lineup of lawsuits over Andoid’s patent infringements is clouding his judgment.
Android is ahead because the phones are cheap or free.

Everything I have read about Google TV points toward it being a cumbersome flop.