Erasing the files on a DVD+RW

Hello … how do i erase the files i have on a DVD+RW ? What proggie should i use … ?

Most people use Nero or other burning software. If you burn with CloneDVD or DVDShrink they do it automatically.

I probably had some very bad problem using nero for erasing a dvd+rw see

I hope I’m wrong but when in doubt… I’ll use something that isn’t nero

What burning software do you use? As far as I know, all burning appss have an erase option if it sees an RW in the drive. For +RW there is a quick erase (<1 minute) and a full erase (>10 minutes). Not quite sure how “secure” a full erase is but it is more secure than quick. I use DVD Decrypter and RecordNow.

I have been testing DVD+RW discs today, and used CDSpeed to do a Full Erase. I was then able to use Fast Erase for the subsequent burns.

I’ll try tt and revert back to all … thanks …

Only ever used Nero for erasing RW disks. You can either use the “quick” or “full” erase, which either erases the file-index or complete disk respective.

But with the price of blanks so low now, it seems pointless to bother with slow RWs !

In some ways I understand this - but the TDK and Fuji +rw’s I occasionally use always check out fine, no problems after a burn, and they are supposed to last for something like a 1000 or more cycles - with very long shelf life after a burn. Nowadays I hardly ever do a proper check on files burnt to these rw media - they are good to hold the files for a week or 2 when I run out of space or need extra portable temp storage.

If cheap disposable media is used, without testing each one after a burn, who knows if they can be read afterwards or elsewhere - which is important for me (we’ve all seen the dreadful scans for some cheap media)! I do not see the point using my precious TY’s for temp storage when I have lovely reliable rw’s.

Valid points… so I take back part of what I said there…

I’ve always intended to pick up some good quality RWs to use solely for regular system backups, but in reality am not organised enough for that !

With 16x media now available, it’s making the hi-speed 4x RW’s look pretty slow. But then again, it depends if you are a patient person or one that NEEDS to use the system again ASAP ! :stuck_out_tongue:

In Singapore the prices of blanks which are quality media is still at about $1 per disk. Very costly to get coasters …

I have some 6x Verbatim DVD-RW which cost me 62p each + VAT (sales tax).

They burn at under 10 mins in the LG 4163 and Pioneer 109, but not my Philips 1640 (firmware B3.4) which does not seem to like them much - maybe the next firmware will improve this.

I use Imation 4x DVD+RW and have had no problems. Oddly enough the Imation -RWs sometimes need to be quick-erased twice before my DW-1620 fw.B7V9 can see them. Sonys have major issues: lost 2 of them after a few re-writes. Even full-erase couldn’t save them. Ah well…