Erasing specific files from multisession?

Is it possible to “Erase” specific files from a multisession cdrw with Nero or any other software?

I think yes
Is it saved as a project on your hd?
If yes open it and let do the erase job
If not let try to add a file; it would open the disc giving to you the availablity to delete your specific file

Thanks, will give it a go!


YES, it does work, just tried it using Nero Burning Rom, when you insert the multisession cd to add another session [like Paulocorpo said], you can right-click on the track you wish to delete and then do so, it’s that simple, thanks Paolo :slight_smile:

You learn something new every day!

trial and error as usual Doc, take it easy.

Looks like we made a mistake here guys, just tried to erase a specific file from the multisession cd and noticed that while you can delete a specific file in Nero it appears that the file is physically still on the cd so delteing the file will not be enough, we have to find a way to “erase” the file from the disc?