Erasing EEPROM (Learned Media)

HI all,

Whenever I blank my EEPROM to “Reset Learned Media” (Using EEPROM_utility) I get better burns but after a while, the burn quality goes downhill… I keep using the same CMC MAG AE1 Media each time.

My 2 questions are…

  1. Why does blanking it make the burns “better?”

  2. If it’s supposidly “Learning,” why do I have to keep erasing it every 10 discs or so to keep the quality up?

I am using a LITE-ON SOHW-1673S with the JS07 Firmware… I haven’t updated it to the JS0B yet, just to see if anyone can give me a firm answer here :slight_smile:

An answer or two:

1-The learning feature is supposed to help make the burns better by optimizing things like power calibration, etc., but sometimes a bad burn will affect it. That is when erasing the learned media data is beneficial, because the drive is forced to recalibrate each time (there is no data for it to look back on). There are also times when the initial burns are okay, but it just messes up on the 5th burn (it takes 4 burns I believe to learn the “optimal” calibration techniques with Lite-On drives).

2-See above. Some burns just go bad, and others go okay but with a poor media. Either one of these conditions may throw the drive off, and when it tried to use that learned media data it will (of course) cause issues.

If you don’t want to have to “erase” the EEPROM after every 10 burns or so, I suggest you use OmniPatcher to patch the firmware you want. The drive will still learn a small bit of data, but only for one burn, as opposed to 4 or more. This way the drive will be closer to giving you the like new quality (for some this is a bad thing; and for others like yourself it is a good thing).

The main site with the tool is down, so you will find it at the official temporary mirror:

I hope I managed to help you.

You also could try a different media. A lot of users don’t like CMC MAG AE1.

you should update to JS0B, it’s the newest fw. just run it through omnipatcher and disable the media learning so the drive will always think that you’re burning the second disc.

reset learnt media and flash. please post a disq-quality scan either from nero cd-dvd speed or kprobe.

you media isn’t very good. try some quality media like mcc or ty.

Yeah… I am in the process now of doing some burns on old and new firmware…

I bought the discs not realising that there were such things as “bad media” being blind to the belief that if its that crap, it wont be sold.

Now I know different…

verbatim and fuji discs are always a good choice. at least here in germany verbatims are always MCC and fujis TY.

In the US thats not always the case with Verbatims and FUjis. I use Verbatims DVD+R and those are MCC. The DvD-R Im not sure about, though. Fuji Im not clear on.

my first fuji spindle were cmc discs, but that was just one time… all others were ty. i never had verbatim discs other than MCC.

ah. Alright. Thats cool.

Well a few burns later, and I have found that using omnipatcher to disable the learn media has resulted in completely better burns, less than 10% of orginal erroneous zones.

Gonna keep it off for the forseeable futuer methinks :slight_smile: