Erasing DVD with Nero system hanging

When I try erasing a DVD+RW disc with Nero v6.3.0.0 the status bar gets to 100% and then the program just hangs and never completes. Any ideas? I’ve reinstalled a few times with the same result. Eventually I just end the Nero process through the Task Manager.


XP Pro
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
512 RAM
Lite-On 411S DVD-/+ R/RW

I have this exact problem and it’s pissing me off to no extent…
I doesn’t happen with erasing DVD+RW discs, also happens when I’m writing to a DVD+RW, it just freezes halfway and there’s no way to shut down the program without a reboot.

Stragely enough, I can’t reproduce the problem with any of the Ritek G04’s (DVD-R) that I have, I’ve burnt 50 of them without any being coasters.

Of course, this all defeats the purpose of having DVD+RW discs if you can’t erase them much less even burn to them properly…

Burner I’m using: Lite-On 411S FS0J