Erasing DVD+RW

I full-erased a DVD+RW (MoserBaer) on my DH-20A4p drive by using NERO 6…I accidentally closed the Nero starsmart, the ‘erase’ progress dialogue box continued to show that the disk was being erased. But after the progress bar reached the end, it did not say ‘finished’!!! The burner light continued to blink and the dialogue box remained open…so I had to shut down the PC

My question is that did I by any way harm my dvd burner? (I know it’s a stupid question, the problem is that I’m a newbie, and a paranoid!!:sad:

Probably not.

thanks pfloyd :), but you said ‘probably’, then should I assume that there is a chance that i may have? :confused:

your burner is fine