Erasing DVD +/- RW media......impossible?

I am having considerable problems erasing my DVD +/- RW media. I have formatted/erased using…roxio,dvdinfopro,nero,record now etc… etc… and cant fully erase mt DVDRW’s. Here are a couple pics from dvdinfopro. First pic…formatted/erased image. Second…right out of package. I need to know how to erase my DVDRW’s to newly purchased specs. :confused: Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile: .

What I do is to use “DVDInfo” n use the Quick Format only…It has worked every time for me so far…Plus I have Direct CD installed…I did uninstall it because lots of peeps in these Forums said they cause probs with DVD…Well I had Probs after i Uninstalled so I reinstalled…Anyway, without Direct CD I can’t read my CDRWs, so telling peeps to uninstall these Programs is Stupid in my book…JMHO
So try a Quick Format only n Install Direct CD or InCD or whatever works for U…