Erasing DVD-RW: How long does it take?



I tried to erase a Sony DMW47S1 DVD-RW disc using FileCD (part of NTI CD&DVD-Maker 6.0). It took more than 2.5 hours with the progress bar at 100% and the Start and Close buttons greyed. So my only way out was to end the task.

Using the NTI CD&DVD-Maker 6.0 application to burn a DVD after dropping 2.5 GB of files into the layout took way too long - I estimated 17 hours if I had allowed it to complete!!

How long does it really take? I’m a DVD newbie.

Any help would be appreciated.


A few seconds using [COLOR=blue]DVDInfoPro :

DVDInfoPro > Help > Formatting & Erasing[/COLOR]


I tried formatting and erasing a Sony DVD-RW in DVDInfoPro v.2.46. It took 20 seconds for a fast format and 1 hour for a full format. However, after that I still could not drag and drop files to the DVD-RW. And if I were to use a DVD burning program to burn 2.75GB of files from a layout, it would take 17 hours.

So I tried to use InCD to format it again. According to the instructions, it would take 120 minutes for DVD-RW. But I started at 17:12 and by 21:12 the end was still not in sight! InCD was frozen on the screen although I could use the computer for other things.

Thus, I had to terminate the program the abrupt way again and then the laptop could not shut down and I had to pull the plug. Incidentally, have tried two DVD-RW discs, and both had a few scratches on the undersides after the format which were not there before.

The latest is that even CD-RWs could not be formatted. I got an error message after a few seconds when formatting them with InCD However, when the same disc was formatted in a desktop drive, it was a breeze. This problem came about sometime after I had installed a few other CD/DVD programs, including DVDInfoPro. I’m wondering if I should uninstall and reinstall them. At the worst, I guess I should restore the entire C partition from my backup image files, unless someone knows how to pinpoint the problem.


First of all, you should only have ONE packet-writing program – such as InCD, FileCD, Drag-to-Disc, or DLA – installed at a time. These programs will conflict with each other if residing together.

Second, after you have clearly (and cleanly) uninstalled the ones you were using (I don’t think DVDInfoPro qualifies as a packet-writing program), I would try Roxio Drag-to-Disc. It is clearly more stable and functional that InCD at this point. I have very little experience with the others I mentioned.

You can usually get an OEM version of Easy CD Creator 6 for about $9. I would just install Drag-to-Disc. Drag-to-Disc can quick erase a DVD in less than two minutes. It does not do – as far as I can see – full erasures. I use Nero or Easy Media Creator 7 do do a full erase and that takes less than 25 minutes or so.

Formatting a DVD with Drag-to-Disc can be done as a quick format or full format. Quick formats take about two to three minutes, I believe, and full formats certainly much less than an hour. Writing speed is media/drive dependent – faster drives and media (currently all RW media I know top out at 4x) do it faster – although packet writing will take longer than a mastering-type burn at the same speed.

Also, be aware that system integration issue can affect things – inadequate power or OS issues, although this doesn’t seem to be your issue.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply.

The drive in question is a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-815A in an Acer Aspire 2003 LWMi laptop. The CD/DVD software that comes with the computer is NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.5. I have used the Recovery CDs to restore the entire partition C to its original condition when the laptop was purchased. The drive then formatted discs OK. However, after installing Nero 6, the problem came.

Then, thinking that it was a software issue, I did the Recovery bit again. This should have cleared the problem, but no, it didn’t. Formatting still did not work, although erasing was fine. Thus, I started to think that this is a hardware problem. I’m bringing the laptop back to Acer to see if they can tell what’s bugging it. I’ve also made 4 CD-R coasters in the process of troubleshooting.

In order to eliminate possible media errors, I tried it in the desktop PC too. However, since all the CD-RWs that could not be formatted in the laptop were formatted in my desktop PC without a hitch, there should be nothing wrong with them.

Does Roxio Drag-to-Disc require installation of DirectCD? I have read that DirectCD causes some problems.


Are you installing InCD with along with the rest of Nero? It seems so, although perhaps not. If you are, then that’s the first thing you need to correct. Packet-writing softwares as FileCD and InCD should not be installed together. They WILL interfere with the each other’s function.

Drag-to-Disc is the name of Roxio’s DirectCD starting with version 6 and higher. Drag-to-Disc will not cause any problems as long as it does not coexist with other packet-writing softwares. It’s one of the most stable and reliable ones available.

Most mastering softwares such as Nero Burning ROM and NTI’s CD/DVD Maker can coexist together, but there’s no guarantees of that. Do a search in across these forums in the appropriate places to find more on that.

The fact that the problem came after installing Nero means that something about the two (Nero and NTI) are conflicting. The most likely would be the existence of InCD and FileCD in the same operating system.

Please make clear what is the case.

Also since your desktop seems to function okay, are Nero (InCD) and CD/DVD Maker (FileCD) on it? If not, then that would seem to be the answer.

Once again, I hope this helps.


Thanks, Sandersk. As I mentioned above, I had also run the Recovery CDs to bring the laptop back to the condition when I bought it, at least partition C. But even so, before installing any other CD software (the one that was preinstalled by the Recovery CDs was NTI CD&DVD Maker), writing or formatting to CD-RWs or DVD-RWs still failed.

This was certainly not due to any software conflict. Another thing - I noticed that the IMAPI CD-ROM service was not started! XP says that without this service, I will not be able to write to CDs. So, thinking that this was the cause, I started the service, but it still refused to work.

Anyway, I’m bringing it to Acer tomorrow. Thanks for being so patient and helpful.:slight_smile:


I brought my not-even-one-month-old laptop to Acer and guess what? The MatSHITa DVD-RAM drive was replaced as it was faulty (hence the name), although I would get the faulty part even if it were only one in a thousand, hence my name in this forum is justified! :slight_smile: