Erasing deleted files



Is there any software that will actually erase files already deleted from the hard drive?
I have a drive onto which I scanned all my banking and personal details. I now need a larger drive so I deleted all the files scanned. I then checked via a Photo recovery Programme and every one shows up as recoverable. I tried Evidence Eliminator to wipe out all unused space (took several hours) but the recoverable files are still there. Tried wiping the space with “Eraser” but with the same result.
I had intended giving the (clean) drive to my friend, but am wary of doing so. Any suggestions please?


If you have wiped all the unused space on the drive, the files will not be recoverable, even if they still appear as deleted entries in the table of contents.

Is the existence of the deleted filenames themselves (with the files not being recoverable) a problem?


Eraser should be able to delete the filename entries as well as wipe the file content according to their FAQ.


Your best option


revo uninstaller


Hard Disk Scrubber is another one you might want to look into. Here’s the link to it:


Here’s a link to two more programs.