Erasing CDRW with NeroCmd fails

Has anyone experienced the following problem. I have an over night job which via a batch file + cmdfile erases a CDRW disk, then writes in TAO mode then ejects the disk and leaves it ejected. This works on around 70% of my systems I uses it on. However on some systems with the same CDRW drive and same media I find the erase fails to work. The disk is then subsequently writen to again, until eventually it fills up.

At any time if I erase the disk using Nero Express it erases fine and the sequence starts again. What I do not understand is why the process either fails 30% of the time, or why it works 70% of the time :slight_smile: ?

Here is my CMD file:

–drivename d
–speed 4
–real --tao
–error_log ErrLog.txt
–iso Backup

The command used in the batch file to perform the erase is as follows:

nerocmd --drivename d --erase

Does anyone know whether this was fixed or a known bug in NeroCmd. The problem is that I have modified my version in Visual C++ to include additional reporting information (as the batch files run unattended), so upgrading is quite a major issue to me. Is there a list of known bug fixes in NeroCMD anywhere?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.