Erasing a +RW with the DW1655

I got a DW1655 yesterday. Using a Maxell DVD+RW(4x), I recorded an AVI to DVD format using NeroVision 4 which work fine in a regular DVD player. Now I want to erase the DVD+RW to record another AVI on it. The erasing process(either quick or full) start normally but never ends until i got a message saying that a SCSI command timeout. The DVD still unerased.

I nthis forum, some suggest to use DVDInfoPro to erase. But is this an hardware issue or a media issue ? Should i get the 1655 replaced ?

Any thought on this would be appreciated.


Hi pomerlo!

Erased with my 1655 a Verbatim DVD 4x+RW and a TDK 4x-RW without problems with ImgBurn ( Perhaps you could test it with CloneCD or Blindwrite, too. Maybe bad Maxwell Medium? Have you tried an other RW Medium?

Thanks heavyload for your input. I have never tried any other brand of medium. As soon as i could get a another brand I will. Also, I’ll try another software to erase.

I’ll let you know !!


Try a Full Erase with Nero Burning ROM.

Nero issues out often when it comes to erase/format RW media.

Better use DVDInfoPro or ImgBurn. :wink:

Ok, it works… I used DVDInfoPro and the media was reported as blanked by Nero. But still unable to write on it.

Also i tried to burn an audio cd-r and only one tune get played out of 14 on the cd. (The first one) All mp3 play correctly on the pc using winamp. :doh:

Yesterday, I let NeroVision Transcode and burn an AVI on a DVD+R (Memorex LS) in DVD format. This morning, the msgbox; burned succesfully showed up but Nero reported the disc as empty. Was in a hurry and I didn’t had the chance to check if the disc was actually burned by playing it on a dvd-player. But if the disc is really blank … the DW1655 will return to the store.

Do I expect too much from this recorder since I always owned Plextor drive before ?? :bow: :iagree:

Thanks all for your input… I’ll let you know how it turnes out

If you can “format” the RW media you should be also able to burn content on it… only exception is Princo DVD-RW media. :lol:

Or try with another brand.

Just returned from lunch, and as expected, the DVD is blank… Why NeroVision reported a succesfull burn when the DVD still blank ?? No setting have been changed. i.e; writing in test mode ect …

I forgot to mention that this media is a DVD+R LS and not the previous DVD+RW as mention in the first post. Since DVD+RW was impossible to write even if it was erased by DVDinfoPro.

I will returned the recorder to the store and try another one to see if it is different.

I’ll let you know

Thanks all !

Burn again and enable verify, then you will see that the media is not blank.

Some how I would bet that you had “SIMULATION” checked in Nero and that’s why the DVD ended up bank. Oh why are you getting messages that say SCSI device? Do you have some emulation software such as Deamon Tools running?

I have no problems erasing any of my DVD+ or - RW’s that I have. I always use Nero to overwrite them and I’ve had no problems.

Post your system specs and how you have the drive hooked up and you may also want to look in device manager and make sure the drive is properly configured.


Ok I found out the prob… Since the DW1655 is slave on IDE2, NeroVision grab the first drive available and use it as default I must change using menu ; Burn to… and select the BenQ drive. So in this case, NeroVision simply wrote to a CD-RW drive (Plextor Master IDE2). I changed de DW1655 to be the master drive and this take care of this prob.

But there is still one thing unexplained, that CD-R audio which can only be heard at the first track… I will further investigate and post the result !!

Thanks all for the help.

Depends on the player device, the media used, the burner/firmware, the content, the used FS/write method and used speed…