Erased Important Data From CD-RW! Please Help!

Erased some very important data using Easy Cd Creator Deluxe, using quick erase. Meaning, only the TOC is erased. Can I recover the data? Please help.

I think wilma will know the answer to this one

go WILMA>>>>>>>>>

have phun getting your “very important data” back, cuz u just lost it for gooooood.

and that, my friends, is why u should use CD-R discs for IMPORTANT BACKUPS!!!

…don’t give up hope if you used fast erase!

Lost and found
CDR Diagnostic

3 progs which may read sectors…

Cdr diagnostic can read / copy sectors from a cd to your HD…

Let us know if it works

Try recover 4 all (not sure)
grtz flappie666