Erased DH-20A4H

So I did something dumb. It’s no really important how but i managed to erase my fw off my drive. I cannot seem to find any support for this.

If someone could provide me with the firmware for this drive in .bin and instructions on how to go about dos flashing this drive back to life i would really appreciate it.

Who says the firmware would be erased???

I have a program for modding xbox 360 drives. I hit the “Liteon Erase” button, by accident on this drive instead of my xbox drive, which erases liteon firmware (now it doesn’t respond or eject. typical symptoms of firmware-less drive) Although i think it has recovery firmware or something cause i can still detect it in Dosflash. But i would just need a .bin file.
This isn’t very urgent any more as i just bought a new burner. although i see no reason why i cant have 2.