Erase times for dvd-rw media longer than other writers

I was wondering why my dvr-111 takes about 20 minutes to erase a dvd+rw and my sony drx-800ul takes 15 minutes? Is the 111 doing something the sony isnt?? :confused:

try doing quick erase and not full … not same disks but i have no problems doing quick erase on dvd-rw 1-2 mins to erase

Yes but do a full erase every 5 or so burns to maintain the original burn quality. This advice has been given by others who know more about it than me.

Hmm, i just assumed that because I get around 20000, PIF’s when burning from full erased that doing quick erase would lower the integrity of the burn :confused:

What exact +RW we are talking about here?

You were mention -RW in the topic title?

RICOHJPN W11. Funny thing is, I chose ‘full’ erase with my sony drive, after erasing, I went to burn with the pioneer, i got a message telling me the media was not blank :confused:

heres the 17.600 PIF’s disc;