Erase stuff off the computer

IF you don’t want people to see what you look up how do you wipe it out step by step please thanks?

Clear history
Clear cookies

Where these options are located depends on your operating system, so it would be helpful to let us know what OS you are using (including version number)

lol, i love these types of posts.

if you have been looking at files (lets say for example, pictures) you may need to clear your “documents” folder in the start menu.

do this by right clicking on the task bar. (grey bar at bottom of screen)

Window Washer might be the one you’re looking for

All your tiny lil’ secrets will be gone without a trace ,
no work for CIA, FBI or KGB :wink: :bigsmile:

there’s a file under temporary internet files called Content.IE5 delete that one and it’ll all go away… the thing that ie saves stuff also concern outlook. but i dont know where those are temporarily stored.

Very usefull stuff can be found @ iolo & SystemWorks2003 as well

If you need a complete wipe :slight_smile:

You can use gdisk, it comes with Norton Ghost. Of course that’s only if you want to delete your entire hard drive with no chance of recovery.

Take PC, smash him to pieces, run over it with your car, burn the debris, bury the ashes in some forest, burn the forest down. Now they should be unable to recover any of the data :wink:

Or you can just try the other options and find out (like my brother yesterday did) that someone is logging you IM program :slight_smile:

Place it inside one of these

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IF you don’t want people to see what you look up how do you wipe it out step by step please thanks?

try this :smiley:

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Place it inside one of these

yeah ive got one of those :slight_smile:

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Clear history
Clear cookies

This is not enough! Some time ago someone discovered that IE also stores it urls/cookies in the file index.dat. So traces of your surfing behaviour can also be found in this file.

Try this to clear your index.dat.