Erase or Format?

I regularly record a programme Mon to Fri using a RAM-DVD disc, I usually erase the recording after watching it, but I have had a problem recently where the unit never switched off. After carrying out the the usual tasks like pulling the plug etc I was able to remove and reinsert the RAM disk, I then thought I would format the disc this appeared to correct the problem but after a week of using the erase function the trouble re-occurred.
I would like some advice as to if it is best to use erase or format.
I have put a new RAM-DVD disc in now in case the old one was worn out.
Panasonic DMR ES30V

I guess it’s the same. If i’m not mistaken format makes it usable in an operating system environment. (Write to it like you would write to any drive letter in windows).

Thanks Mr B. You have confirmed my understanding, but thought the erase feature might have some bearing on the occasional inability to shut off, due to coding or lack of it.
Also, I thought perhaps one of the lads or lasses might have come across the same problem and had an answer.

If you have a DVD-RAM write capable dvd burner, then fully erase/format the DVD-RAM discs from time totime…

Thank you for the post chef.
I will in future use Format once a week just using the erase feature on a daily basis.
Thanks for the input.

Uh, maybe too good…
[B]Erasing [/B]so often would be the better idea with DVD-RAM. :wink:

As it is a daily programme 30 minutes long, do you think a better idea would be to let the disc fill to almost capacity (8hrs on EP) then use [B]Erase[/B] all titles?
or perhaps then use [B]Format[/B]?


Formatting is the kinda last chance with DVD-RAM, because they are hardsectored like HDDs already.
Also it would require a lot of time.

Try to erase the content and in case you get any kind of problem, format the disc.

Thanks chef.
I think I will leave the recordings on the disc and use Erase at the end of the week, this way will reduce the constant re-writing of the disc, and as you say if there is a problem use Format.
This keep over writing is a legacy of VHS tapes, old dogs and new tricks.:smiley:

You are welcome. :wink:

Ah yes, now i remember. They’re like MO drives, each has their own case.
Formatting should be avoided if possible because it takes an insane amount of time.