Erase movies after viewing on DVD

I’m looking for a DVD ® that will erase the movie after viewing…
It’s available by downloading a movie on your computer but I’m looking to see if this technology available on a DVD

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thanks… new in this game

The DVD+/-R is one shot burning disc and can’t be earse after use for your purpose you new to use DVD+/-RW (Re-Writeable disc). The earsing process is so easy use CDSpeed program which is free,

I use DVD-RW disks to view movies sometimes, then erase them and re-use them. Mostly though, I just burn a DVD-R and keep the backup while storing the original movie away so they don’t get damaged.

ImgBurn also handles formatting of DVD+RW/DVD-RW disks pretty well. You can use a Quick or Full format, depending on your need.