Erase DVD-RW can't be seen by burner

I just got Optorite DD 0203 DVD+/-RW burner, I burnt a DVD-RW(princo), the burner(just upgraded to 2.09 firmware) or my DVDrom can’t read it, my dvd player can read it, how do I get my burner to see it so I can erase it. I also quick erased a DVD-RW, but the burner doesn’t see it anymore.
thanks :confused:

My burner doesn’t even burn princo rw’s reliably (‘medium error’)…

I have almost the same problem.
I had burn one “memorex DVD+RW 4x” disk, the movie burn from IfoEdit “Split-to-2DVDR’s”.

I am using nero to burn the disk, before process burning the disk I got a worng message. The message can be “can not play by dvd player…continue or not?”, then I force to burn the disk…

After burned, dvd-rom, dvd player not even my PX-708A can not recognise the disk, so I can not erase the DVD+RW disk!!

If any one know how to solve the problem, please let us know!!

Thanks !!


This is usually caused by DLA or other packet writing software being installed. Remove it then retry.

Nero and similar erasing procedures leave a lot to be desired as they do not follow the mmc spec for erasing such media. Try my programs erase function it should work for you.