Erase CD-RW issues with windows xp wizard

hello friends.
I am new here and was happy to discover this forum for cd’s issues. the faq section helped me a lot and provided much info for me.

One thing i couldn’t resolve is this:
I have a brand new NEC Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A (nero infotool).

First of all - windows xp recognize the drive as cd-drive in My Computer display.
When i insert a cdrw, it doesn’t allow me to erase the cd.
From my search on the web, I managed to change a registry setting to a value of 2 for xp to recognize the burner as a writable drive.

I want to be able to erase my cdrw with xp’s ability. I believe it’s a driver issue of the burner (since it’s new) or a firmware - but untill here - it’s all i know.

I’d appriciate any help in this matter.


When you fitted the drive , Did you jumper it correctly?,
Did you check bios settings?,
Silly questions I know but without the info… help will be hard to determine.
It`s bad enough on here to get a reply as it is

Have you tried erasing with ImgBurn?
Somehow ImgBurn is more successful at erasing than other software does, but YMMV.

No, thats only the explorer. Kinda normal.

hello all.
Thanks for replying.
Todge - i have purchased a full new pc station and it was built in the supplier’s lab.

kg_evilboy - I havn’t tried ImgBurn yet but have tried to erase with nero - with no problem. In addition, Burning is ok.
I just want the xp function to be available since sometimes it’s comfortable for me.

So - any suggestions on this one?

Many thanks.