Erase Brand New DVD+RW (4X) with Nero



Can anybody help me?
I have 2 DVD writers. Plextor 716A (Formware 1.06) & BenQ 1620 Pro (Firmware B7V9). I’ve puchased a few new DVD+RW (4X) (TDK, Verbatin, Sony). As I format the disc with Nero Burning (Ver Error window of “Invalid field in command” is pop up. I’ve noticed that the drive light has not blinked. Looks like nothing has been done to the disc.
However, after I format the disc with DVD InfoPro or Plextor Tools or the disc been written, I can then successfully format the disc with Nero?
Is it normal to have “Invalid field in command”?


I know Nero has a problem for any of my new discs when I try to erase, so I would assume you are seeing the same thing. I would guess Nero is just having trouble until the disc has been written to as formatting is not really necessary when writing to a disc with most programs.


Thanks Chas0039. However, It is strange that I have no problem with formatting DVD-RW?