Erase a faulty Princo DVD-R/W?

I recently bought a Princo DVD-R/W disc and the first time I used it something failed before the end of the burn (Using Nero).
Now when I place the disc in it flashes the drive LED for about 3-5 minutes.
When I ask Record Now Max to erase the disc it says it is not a R/W disc and ejects it. I asked Nero to erase it, it comes up with the erase dialog box and looks like it is erasing even turns the drive LED red. About 1 minute into it the erase the drive LED starts flashing green and tells me it is not an erasable disc.

Is there a program or a way to force the erasure of this disc?

I have had a similar problem in the past with CD R/W (on other CD R/W drives) but managed to do a full erase by finding other burning programs that did a better job of erasing the media.

My drive is a Lite-On LDW-411S.
Windows XP SP1.
I read the MS Knowledge base on erasing CD R/W could I do the same with a DVD?

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem - and have been unable to get it working again with any drive or any program as no drives is able to detect the disc.

The only drive I’ve been able to use princo DVD-RW discs in is the Pioneer DVR-106.

LG, Lite-On and plextor all fails before or while writing. So stay away from princo DVD-RW discs - they are useless.

Get some memorex or verbatim DVD-RW discs instead, they seems to be fairly good :wink:

Thankyou for the information and the welcome.
I thought it was only a glitch in the burn.
That’s Princo R/W off the Christmas list :slight_smile:

Try erasing it with :

Nero CD/DVD Speed > Extra > Erase Disc

[COLOR=blue]DVDInfoPro v.2.24 > Erase/Format [/COLOR]

If all else fails you could leave it in a warm (sunny) place for a day.

Thanks for the program referals. I will try them later but will still avoid the Princo, for now at least. Maybe Lite-On will come up with their ever popular match more media update :bow: .

If I leave it in a sunny place I could place a snowflake pattern on it and make into something useful. :smiley: