Equivalent or better?

Although I know quite a bit about computer hardware, I won’t even pretend that I keep up with the seemingly endless issues regarding CD/DVD drives. Therefore, I hope one or more of you can help me answer the question…

Is the replacement drive I received at least as good as the one it’s replacing?

Original drive
Hitachi-LG model GSA-4166B, manufactured in Nov05.

Replacement received
Toshiba-Samsung TS-H652L, manufactured in May06.

There is various other information on each drive’s label. I can supply more of this info upon request.

At a quick glance it appears that the drives are similar with the exception that the Samsung doesn’t appear to bitset…I could be wrong.

Welcome to the forum and CD Freaks, Both LG and Samsung make are good drives and you won’t be disappointed with Samsung as replacement to your LG. Try to burn few disc at different speed level (8X, 12X and 16X) both +/- dsic and perform quality scan on them using CD Speed program, post the results and people will give more sound opinion based on those results.