Equivalent brand names - same drive under different brand names -clarification sought

I am confused about the same drive selling under different brand name. My freind recently bought this drive.
can anyone tell me what this brand is -

Mad Dog 16x - Model MD16XDVD9EXT
Double-Layer DVD Burner
DVD±R 16x
Double-Layer DVD+R 4x

Is this drive an NEC 3500 A?
rebadged as a mad dog drive?

exactly same?

Its a rebadged NEC 3500AG

jimmyplexed > Yes same drive in an external enclosure. Not sure why you are confused :rolleyes:

I am confused because on the box it says mad dog and not nec.

but does this drive functions in the exactly the same way as nec 3500 a?
how good is it?

has anyone got this drive and can tell me from their personal experience how good or bad was it?

The mad dog drive was reviewed by cdfreaks. If you go to the home page, you can read the review there. It is a pretty thorough (sp?) review.