Epson sues compatible inkjet cart manufacturers

Was wondering what you guys thought of Epson’s recent actions of taking out lawsuits on a number of companies

Seems that Epson is really on the warpath against anyone who makes compatible cartridges.

Hi Dismembered Ninja.
It was only a matter of time before something like this was going to happen.
When they started to chip the cartridges it was for no other reason than to make the punters buy from them at inflated prices. Now they are turning the screws perhaps its time for governments to look at Lexmark and Epson as well as others for profiteering!
I moved from Epson to Canon a year ago and have never regretted it. (IP 5000)
My cartridges cost less than £1 each at the moment compared to £8 for the Canon ones. (£5 for second party as against £40 a set for canon brand). As the ink tanks are separate this is also the most economical way to go. None of the tanks are chipped and could be refilled by users who like to make even more savings.
I also refill my Kyocera laser carts for £18 as against £48 for a direct replacement. It is so easy to just take the end cap off and pour the contents of the refill bottle into it and put the end cap back on, these last about 6000 pages making the printing very cheap.
The only way us punters can change matters is to take our business elsewhere, but I can’t see that happening.

While true that Canon compats are cheap and freely available at the mo, you will notice that no-one has managed to do anything about the new Canon printers(iP4200, iP5200) and their carts with the chips on them.

Could be that Canon may follow suit soon if someone manages to crack the latest printer carts.

I read somewhere on the net that the compatible cli cartridges could be available in april here in oz god I hope so it 100 au for a full set here

How long do they keep for, sounds like it might be worth stocking up?

The carts themselves have a lifespan of about 5-10 years, but EU regulations classify them in such a way that I think 30 months is technically the longest. Most carts are vacuum sealed so they should last for a while.

As to the canon carts (PGI-5 and CLI-8’s), I heard the same thing but I think the chip is causing everyone major problems.

The other thing (and HP have been guilty of this too) is where a cartridge is refused as it is too old/wrong country etc. - oh for the days when the cartridge was just a “pot of ink” before the infernal chip system, to better screw us over with!