Epson Stylus Photo R320 for $25-35 after rebate/coupon

Got this from another forum.

You can get Epson R320 at RadioShack for $85 clearance price nationwide and apply $50 Epson rebate (direct link).

If you have a RS store that are closing down, you can ask for $10 off $20 coupon so it will $85 - $10 coupon - $50 rebate = $25. Even without coupon, $35+tax is still cheap considering the inks price.

To check the availability in your local RadioShack click here.

Epson R320 Product Information.

This product is also qualified for the epson ink lawsuit if purchased before may 31st, 2006

Hmm, according to the FAQ, it says purchase between April 8, 1999 and through May 8, 2006?
Who is eligible to participate in this settlement?

Thanks Zevia, I am now the proud owner of a R320 for $84.95 minus the 50.00 rebate
is $34.95. I had to search about a dozen stores to find one and I think that might be all there was left in Wisconsin. When I went to pick mine up the manager almost kept it for himself but fortunately for me he was able to transfer one from the only other store that
had one in stock in the area. After I had my printer in my hands I told the manager about the rebate and boy was he shocked, and happy for himself also.

The lawsuit website is not asking for receipts, only serial numbers
so anybody who purcased prior to may 8 can double dip legally
everbody can get either the the rebate($50) or settlement($45)

time to check the garage sales for qualifying epson printers
are worth $20 cash + $25 store credit
as it states
"purchased, leased or otherwise received any Epson inkjet printer"

Don’t try to get both the rebate and lawsuit money on a post may 8 purchase as thay are asking for serial numbers

never mind, just read zevia’s post…


Wanted the link to the Epson lawsuit website, after I started the reply noted that zevia had the link in an earlier post. If I could delete the orig message would have…

$45 credit is better than nothing, however full price for Epson inks will still put a quick dent into the credit…

does anyone know if “stacking” credits is permitted… I have 4 printers, 785, 925, 300, & 320, think I can buy a scanner??? :0

Scanner??? The only reason to get a scanner is to buy the AIO printer where you can use it as a copy machine or fax. I dont see any reasons why to buy a scanner in an age of digital camera.

The function of Scanner and Digital Camera are completely different, let say you have some very old documents (Photos or data) in your achieve that are disorienting, you scan them to have fresh copy or you have a document (a book) you can scan it and save it as “Adobe” or “Word” format have on disc or even send it by email to any one.

Yes, the eCoupon or credits from the settlement is for each printer.

OK I am going to grab one today my Radio Shack has some left.

Now the next question is who has the best ink refill kits for this printer?

MegaDETH: if you can find a closing RadioShack nearby, pick up a $10 off $20 coupon at the closing RS store. Check the store locator here: Enter your zip code and it will also tell you which stores are closing.

I went to a closing RS store and browse around (no good deals, btw) and talk to one of the rep. She then gave me one coupon and after I asked for more she gave me 5 more. :slight_smile:

The inks for R320 is the same for R200/R220/R340.

zevia: Thanks,

No store near me is closing but they do have the R320 in stock and I drive right past this
Radio Shack on the way home from work.

Great deal, I have been putting off buying one of these for a long time.

One quick question (I searched and didn’t find an answer).

You can only print on Ink Jet printable media with this printer correct?

i REALLY don’t need one of these, but man is it tempting :frowning:

i don’t have a job right now and it seems like all I’ve been doing is spending money. anyone want to hire a brand new college grad so I can support my nerd habits?

Nope, you can also do LabelFlash and LightScribe… :bigsmile: just kidding. Yes the printer can print directly to inkjet printable media. You don’t want to put non printables in there. :disagree:

reasons, if you buy this for printing dvds, you also need to spend more for the printables media. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and the ink.

or i could just buy it and try to put it on ebay. hmmm

haha :slight_smile:

What I really should have asked, is it just the “white” inkjet printable or can it print to “silver” inket printable disks also?

Doesn’t really matter I don’t have either, YET!

damn, the only closing store is 15mi away so I’d hafta use $7 worth of gas to get $10 off :frowning:

I think I’m still going to get one even though I already have 3 printers :o gotta have one that does media right :rolleyes: