Epson Stylus Photo R200 Ink Refills

Can anyone help me?? I have been looking for some place, or website to buy refill ink cartridges for my Epson, but I am sure like most people, do not want to spend $75 on it… does anyone know where I can find less expensive genuine Epson ink?

My personal favourite is the JET TEC products - you can either get the refill kit or the already filled cartridges. Personally I think the already refilled cartridges are better, less hastle and they contain nearly DOUBLE the ink (around 28ml instead of 13ml), they are called the JET TEC 100% extra life cartridges - they also have the 30% extra life (23ml). Your EPSON R200 uses cartridge type T0048, those are not easy to fill - and cannot be completly filled - the most you can inject is around 5ml of ink so you have to refill them quite often if you print a lot. There are other ways to get around this by drilling new holes but I would advise against it. I could not be happier with my JETTEC carts. Your local office depot should have them.

You can also install a CIS (Continuous ink system) if you are comfortable with modding your printer.

greg42 > From where do you buy them?

You can get the refill kits from office depot, however the extra life cartridges you’d have to check with jettec for a list of distributors/retailers… On Monday I will check for you and let you know. I got mine direct from Jettec, for testing purposes.

To answer the original question. You can’t get less expensive genuine cartridges.

You may be able to make a saving shopping around, though I doubt it would be worth the effort. Like greg has said compats are the only way to save money on consumables. I have used Jettec and found them to be pretty expensive, for the price of one of jets’ cartridges I can get a full set from my local market. Personally I would not use a refil kit for a photo printer, mainly because even whereI live in a moajor city they are nigh on impossible to find.

As to the CIS you would have to be using the printer almost continuously to make that worth both the money and the effort to mod the printer.

Actually refill kits are not that hard to find - Problem is finding a decent one. Jettecs to me are not that expensive, at least compared to genuine cartridges. I find Jettec’s ink to be of higher quality and much more accurate than other brands which have lower quality inks and colours that are off.

You should be able to locate those at your Office depot - Best thing to do is call Jettec and ask them for a list of dealers in your area.

You can also find some at your local best buy / futureshop etc… (The Dynex compatibles are actually JETTEC). Also, avoid Q-Ink brand, their colours are not accurate (yellow more like green) etc. Personally I think JETTECs are the best.

Refilling the original epson T0048 carts is a pain in the arse, and you can only inject about 5ml of ink in there - I think the best method is to locate some of those online sites that sell EMPTY epson compatibles - all you need to do is transfer the chip from your original carts to this EMPTY cart, which is made to be easier to refill and can be refilled to full capacity.

Personally, I wouldn’t use a refill kit. The only time I did use one, it clogged the print heads of my old Epson 640, had to throw it away (cheaper to buy than repair). Also, Epson is the only ink that uses pigment ink which resists water and fading far better that other inks. You get what you pay for.

I found some good quality ink from but they are not genuine Epson cartridges.

3 Full Sets + 3 FREE BLACK Compatible Cartridges (T0481-6)
21 Cartridges in Total = £59.45

This is where a lot of people get confused.

First of all, EPSON uses both dye and pigment inks.

The EPSON R200/210/220/3xx/ etc uses DYE based inks.

The EPSON R800 for example, uses pigment ink. When buying refills you need to buy the appropriate ink!

It is not the refill that causes the clog, at least not the quality refill kits. I would avoid using those UNIVERSAL inks - which is why I get jettec, and SPECIFIC ink for my epson. Most of the time the clogging is caused by air bubbles and can be cured with clean cycles.

ashmo you realy do need to try your local outlets. I get a full set for £8 so going on the example you have given 3 sets is £24. The ones I use are called projet and I have never had a problem with them, and I have had my R200 since it hit the market so you can guess how long I have been using them. I have actually been using compats since the C20, so we are going back a long way, and have done so on every printer since.

Greg I live in Manchester and have yet to find a refill kit for photo printers, all the ones available, including jettecs’ universal, are for 3 colour printers only. I did try the dealer info on jettec and all but one of the dealers in my area are only selling 3 colour re-fills,
the one that sells the 5 colour happens to be a wholesalers and so can’t be used by general public.

Rico I have to go with Greg on the clog problem, I have only had that problem once where it could not be solved by cleaning cycle and that was with my C64 which I got replaced by Epson, and ironically enough it was with original Epson cartridges.

Greg is also correct on the inks, in another thread I mixed up my C64 printer with durabrite inks (water/fade resistant) and my my R200. What can I say I run both C64 for general printing and R200 for when I need good quality and disc printing.

how about the canon printers for dvd’s? any good?

Now that’s going off on a tangent as this thread is about ink. Just search and you will find plenty of threads about printing on DVDs and plenty of opinions on which is good or not.

Yes they are very good printers. I have a IP 5000 and here in England I buy second party inks for £0.68 each therefore a complete set for less than £3.50.
The prints on cd/dvd’s are spectacular. However the problem in the US is that the cd printing has been disabled and no tray is supplied by Canon. There is a work around posted on another site if you want to pursue the matter.

Just one thing about the Jet-Tec cartridges, they don’t actually contain more ink than other brands. You can get the 30% extra ink by resetting the chip, but you can do this with any other cartridge and it is not recommended by Epson to run a cartridge completely empty.

Essentially Epson printers use a micro-piezo system to print the ink onto the paper and this system needs ink in it at all times. If there is no ink them then damage can be done to them and you printer will stop working.

Also it isn’t advisable to ever switch off an Epson printer as the micro-piezo system has a tiny current running through it when the printer is switched on that stops bloackages, and this current is necessary with the current inks that are used in Epsons.

Sorry about the long post but the short message is :

Never run an Epson cartridge completely dry, it damages your printer. Compatible carts work ok, refills work ok, but not if you run the cart dry by resetting it like Jet-Tec suggests.

I could have sworn they warned not to run completely dry, well they did when I bought them though we are going back along time, not long after the C64 came out. With jt you just take the cartridge out and put it back in no need to reset and it showed a third extra in, as opposed to a full cartridge which woould happen with a reset. When I used them I would watch the indicator, I know not the most accurate, and when it showed 1/8 left I would change the cartridge thus avoiding the empty cartridge problem.

I’ve sent them an email asking about that. Will post what they repsond with.

If you do alot of printing, consider a continuous inking system. I bought one of about $65. Here is their website.

CIS systems are well known but not worth the hassle of modding a printer unless you are printing off in cast quantities and if doing that there are better and more ecenomical ways than an inkjet to do it.