Epson Stylus NX515 all in 1 printer/scanner

Staple’s has the Epson Stylus NX515 printer on sale starting tomorrow for $70. It’s wireless as well. I’m in the need for a scanner and found generic ink for $2.99 per cart at megatoners for this model.

Anyone else using this printer? Any other comments or alternatives?

The refurbs directly from Epson can be had for really nice prices with free shipping and full warranties if your willing to go that route.
I bought a R800 several years ago for photos and dvd printing and it still works fine and looked brand new when it arrived.
Well maybe not a full warranty on all units after all but they will replace defective units that arrive that way I guess. It does appear that some of the all in one refurbs do have a 2 year warranty so read the fine print.

3rd straight trip to a staple’s and they didn’t have their on sale items there.Their mailer ad looked nothing like their online ad for that store location.

Anywho,I’ll check the refurbished ones out at that epson link. I’d rather purchase locally because most items I purchase off the web,needs a signature upon delivery by usps/fedex/ups. A lot of those items get sent back and I have to to reorder the same item/s again.

IF you know who they are shipping with you may be able to setup a no signature delivery. I was able to do that with Fed Ex when they left a tag saying they couldn’t deliver my item becuase no one was home.
There was a check box that would let them leave the item and not have to get a signature that I was supposed to leave out or call in to set it up, been a while , but once I got that done they left my item no problem.

I have the non wifi model NX415, and a R300 refurb. They both work great so far. The R300 was cheap at Frys a few years ago. The 415 we got last week, haven’t done much with it yet but all looks good so far. It is real noisy though, and was only $40USD at Frys. I wanted to buy two because the whole thing was cheaper than buying just a set of ink cartridges.


I ended up ordered the remanufactured 515NX with the free shipping.

I hope it works out. Seeing all those many remanufactured epson models there makes me a little skeptical about the “quality”, with them being sent back to epson in the first place.

Well the good part is if it had any issues they fix it and give you another warranty and sell it dirt cheap.
My R800 looked brand new when it showed up and was in a factory box with all the accessories for half what a brand new one costs. I ordered it and it shipped the 7th of January 2007 for 179 shipped. I think they were going for around 300 back then.

Just got it today.Very fast free shipping! Looks almost new. Scanned 4 pictures and printed a couple 4x6’s and looks pretty decent.Very simple software with it as well.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the link Dartman!

Great to hear and your welcome. I think the first time I saw that link was on Slick Deals when someone posted about the R800 deal back then and recently deanwitty posted a link to it that helped remind me about it.
They do have some smokin’ deals from time to time if anyones looking for a Epson of almost any type.
What warranty did yours come with, a year?

I just got the staple’s ad for next week,and they got that NX-515 in there for $70. They’re still advertising something that they don’t have,LOL!

Have a good weekend!