Epson Stylus Color 900 PROBLEM - anyone please

I had to complete a printing job and the empty BLACK cartridge light came on. I didn’t have a new cartridge to install and had to complete the job I was doing. In desperation, I pressed the button to install a new cartridge and then lifted the empty cartridge about 1" and then placed it back. The printer continued to print and I was able to complete the job. I now have a new cartridge to install but cannot get the cartridge carrier into a position where I can install the new one.

Any advise on a possible fix would be very much appreciated.

When you say pressed the button fo you mean the physical button on the printer or clicked on the button in the software?

There are slightly different methods for some Epson printers to do this, but here is a “quick’n’dirty” method that will work on them all. It is quite safe and will not damage the printer.

Switch the printer on. Press and hold the “head clean” switch. When the head starts to move, pull the mains plug out of the printer. You can now easily slide the head assembly gently to the correct position and change the cartridge. After changing the cartridge, simply connect the power lead and switch on. The head will return and a recharge sequence will be executed, then away you go as normal.

Thank you to all who responded, appreciated. Mender, I used your method and all is well, thank you.