Epson r800 ink

ok need some help and since i have here epson r800 fans perhaps i can get a quick answer. Today when i printed on one of my epson printers, the actual picture on the cd printed a bit off. Never had this problem before. I printed a picture of the transformers movie of my backup, but when it printed, the actual print was a bit skewed from the top. I saw a bit of the white dvd (I use TYG02 Premium inkjets) on the top. Could it be the cd tray? or some setup got screwed up without me knowing. I always use Surething software, I love it, always got great prints from it. I appreciate any help. Thanks all.

Haven’t used Surething software, but it might be the alignment. I use Epson print cd and there is an option to align the image on the cd. Might see if there’s an option for that. Good luck…What’s the full name of the Suerthing software ya use?

Surething cd/dvd labeler 5.1 deluxe. I never had a problem with it before, i will check for alignment.

Have any of you guys have trouble when you line up the arrow on cd tray? could that be it? I dont see alignment setup. Again last time i used it, Sunday, no problem.

well, in the cd printing software, there should be a print alignment. If the tray arrows were not lined up when inserted and the feed button pushed, the cd tray would not be in the right position and you couldn’t print a cd. Click file using Epson Print CD has “Adjust print position” option show up on the drop down menu. Maybe your software has the same thing. Sometimes the printer can act screwy. Happened to me a lot.