Epson R380



If anyone is interested in a printer that prints decent pictures as well as CD/DVDs.

Shipping is a tad high, but I paid more than than that as a gift for xmas for my son.


Looks like a nice upgrade from the earlier r200 aand up series, I just ordered a R800 refurb from Epson for 179 shipped, bit more printer but way more spendy.
Thats a nice option for folks on the fence and wanting a do almost everything well model for a nice price.


Hmmm… Anyone found any compatible “generic” cartridges for this model yet? Or can you use the older 200/300 series “generic” cartridges?


Compatible cartridges here:


Can get at Epson site for $139 (instant rebate) with free shipping


Also good prices on catridges are to be found here:,13,manufacturer.html


Sorry, guess I should have posted the price of the item in my original post. At the time I posted it was $99.99 US. I see now its up to $109.99.


Thanks for the heads up! I picked mine up for 109+s/h. Still a great deal. I’ve got a spindle of inkjet printable Ritek04’s that were dying for one of these.


In my honest opinion, Ritek disks aren’t even worth the ink you’ll use to print 'em.



Yo JD-

Took the words right outta my mouth-eh!


Well since we’re already off topic, it’s a good thing you threw opinion in there, or I’d make you eat your words. :bigsmile: I’d like to think the ink used on a label of a disc lasting 2 1/2 years (and likely many more!) would be a good investment.

While I agree Ritek is not the best media (DL comes to mind) there are instances where it is both good quality and cost effective.

The R04 media I have is Samsung branded and not the best quality, but comparable to many other high priced (and highly regarded) media out there. I have plenty of MCC03RG20, SonyD21, Sony16D1, etc which simply pales in comparison to many of my Ritek scans, on a variety of different burners and speeds. The G04 media is over two years old and was some cheap Newegg branded free gift they threw in with something I purchased… Not a bad deal after all!


I’m considering a purchase but I saw a thread on another forum that the Claria Hi Def ink is not water resistant on printable CD/DVD’s. They claimed smearing after even a week later. I use TDK DVD-R PrintOn media. Has anyone seen this to be true?


A little off topic but speaking of the epson store has anyone been able to use thier coupons from the class action lawsuit to but anything there?


Last I read the coupons wont work till all the legal action is done but don’t know for sure. They have a checkbox for coupons on their web site when you order. Too bad I never had any.


Being in the process of lawsuit does not prevent them to meeting their other legal obligations (Rebates).