Epson R320 Printing of to side? Help!

Hi, just got a new sealed in retail box, never used Epson R320 and it worked perfect for 2 prints and then I put in new cartridges because I did not like the print quality of the ones I got with it. And now the printer starts to the far left of the DVD tray and get like the left third of the disk printed with the right side of what should be printed on the right side of disk? This never was a issue before it went streight to center when I got it till now! Is there a way to reset it or what, God Please anyone help! Drives me Crazy! :a Have tried turning it off and back on to no result, also tried covers that worked before saved to print and they now do this as well. I am good at making computers and dealing with there hardware but this stuff is above me. Please help getting behind on my dvds and sales is getting hurt!
Any help is great, Thank you in advance!
Jenni :wink:

Just for everyones info. these items I sell are my own personal made DVD’s not any kind of Pirate stuff!!!
Again Thank yu for any and all help!

Hi Jenni! And what evil person would think of accusing you of piracy? :wink:
What are you selling anyway, may be I will buy some :iagree:

LOL, I sell Adult DVD’s most I am in and or I produced. The Piracy issue was on another forum called LG software Forum, hardware section, I ask this very question and they removed it and accused me of Piracy. I reposted it saying what I do and they now have left it, and given some idea’s but non helped yet, LOL.

Kewl!! :flower:
Assuming that u installed the cartriges properly there should be something called “cartrige allignment” It is usualy found if u right click on printer icon in contorl panel and choose properties. I dont have Epson anymore, but let us know if it worked.
Best luck with your performance!

Yes, Thank you! Between doing that and unplugging it and removing it and then pluging it back in and installing it again, it now works like a charm!
Thank you, Thank you,

Does the R320 includes the print on dvd option ? I would like to change my R200 with that but before I wonna be sure it includes the option to print on DVDs like the one I have m in Italy and on European sites too it isnt clear if the R320 has everything required to print on dvds (see tray or whatever )

Yes, it does (see description). Just look on the box or ask confirmation from the seller before buying.