Epson R320 DVD printer

Anyone here have one?
I had the printer for 2 years but never tried the discs.

I just tried and learned how to print on discs.
Printed only about 5 in all and now it won’t work anymore.

It pulls the disc in the first time but on the second time to go in, a message pops up telling me to Reload the tray, then press on the maintenance button.
Still keep getting that message all the time.

That’s a bummer! Good thing I didn’t go in the hole with a whole slug of printables.
Think I will stick with SureThing labeling. :a

There are threads around here about the tray issues. Look for it and see if you have the new style tray.

Early models have a CD/DVD-tray with a flimsy transparent plastic “lip” at the front. If that’s damaged…

Thank you’s,
I shall look into it.

I found out what my problem was.
I was unaware of the disc moving out the back of the printer.
It was bumping into the heavy cords behind the printer which interferred with the cycle.
Lucky I had the brains to get up and watch the tray as it moved in and out and found that.

You have to watch using your brain it can become a habit

Yes, I’ve had mine too close to the wall also. Should have thought of that. Those fragile trays I mentioned may have been on the first R200/300 series only.

I guess no one looks at the help pages(manual) except me and i hate to RTFM(Read The @ucking Manual) :bigsmile: It’s in there if you look. I thought you just had problems with the tray starting not with problems of spitting it out :wink:

Doesn’t say anything about that in my manual?

My problem was: It pulled the tray in, then pushed it back out, not wanting to pull it back in the second time to print, when that message about reloading the tray, press the maintenance button, would show.

I figured it shouldn’t have been caused by a worn out tray cause I only used it about 5 times.

So happy to find out it is OK now because it sure does a terrific job on the printable dvd’s.

Yes it does here >

Oh,oh,oh oh!

I meant my manual (book) that came with the printer.
Didn’t have the brains to think to look it up on Q&A on the web like you did.

I didn’t get a manual with mine. I got a quick start guide though. When i installed the disc that came with it the only manual i have is the online reference guide. Thought others did the same :doh:

Ok, that would give you online help as your means then.

I got a book with mine. Bought my printer 2 years ago, the 20th of December.
Got it for photo printouts and didn’t get introduced to using the DVD part of it until I started reading these forums and am I ever happy for that.
Now I have to decide on what brand, type, printables to get for my main ones. I have to admit, after I washed a coating off that Glossy Verbatim, it turned out to be my favorite finish but who is goofy enough to do that to them? (wet an ink mark off and ended up having to wash the rest of it.)

I’m using these currently > I haven’t tried anything but these and like them. Sorry i don’t have any experience with other. You can go look in the Media Forum and see some test results there.

Thanks for that link.
I know it is between the TY’s and Verbs for sure.
But just what finish etc. will be my final decision.
Would like to try each finish before I decide.
I have tried the silver TY which gave an interesting transparent look.
Tried a TY and found it a bit too dull and not a solid (close knit) finish.