Epson R300

Im haveing an issue with my R300 not printing on any media. All it does it take them in like all is fine but sends it right back out.

I have tried to uninstall all software and reinstall it. I have also gone through maintenance and cleaned the heads a couple time and did an alignment. I have also turned it off and on several time.

Last time I used it all work fine but the only difference from then to now is the media. Now I am useing hub printables, but i have also tried my other media and nothing works.

Any ideas or suggestions? :confused:

I think this is a common problem with the R300, after a little use. I’ve found on mine, that I have to insert the tray just a hair more than I used to, in order to get it to work propertly. Sometimes I have to give it a little push as it is going in as well. I’m not sure if it is the rollers becoming glazed, or the cd tray itself, but I don’t having any problems if I give the tray a little push and/or start it out a little farther in.