Epson r300 print cd problem

I have been using my epson r300 to print cds direct to printable cds.I have just encountered a problem with the print cd mode were it will not let me retrieve a picture to print from my xp sytem.It throws up a send error file for microsoft?.I first used some images saved on my hd in folder backups!it would allow me to set the image to print for 3-4 months then threw up the error report eveytime i tried to retrieve the images from that location,so i copied the images into MY PICTURES.I then used this location to retrieve the images to be printed.This worked for a while now it wont let me use any location to retrieve images to be printed.ive tried uninstall/reinstall but no good.Also emailed epson who advised a new driver which i tried but no good again.Seems rather suspicious microsoft wants me to download the error file which i looked at and is rather long.Help would be much appreciated please!.