Epson R300 ink monitor help

Hi all,
I have had some gr8 help here so far, thanx.
I have one more question pls.
I have an EPSON R300 PRINTER, on my old xp pc i could monitor the ink level. Unfortunately, this printer doesnt print if any one ink cartridge is empty, even if you print only black, so it suck,
Is there a way to monitor this in VISTA, upgrade, add-on, something.

thank you

Are you sure that you loaded all the epson software onto your new pc. I have an R300, and it shows the monitor on my Vista system…

Maybe its something to do with the update printcd as i had the same problem but you can get it here
in printing preferences

thanx, yes i did install all the software from the cd again, no luck.
my PRINTING PREFERENCES is different to yours, you have R300(M) if you have another version, lets have it pls

if the software states it is suitable for vista shouldn’t be a problem.