Epson r300 compatible cartridge


i have recently purchased the excellent Epson R300 which produces stunning quality print on printable dvd’s.

The one downside that I have is as i’m now using compatible cartridges every time i print it says this is not an original cartiridge do you still want to print.

It still prints superbly well but this pop up every time is really annoying, any help would be great.

Cheers :slight_smile:

have a look at the manual you might find your answer there

thats odd when ive seen that message it only pops up once. iam now using the Datasafe compats from svp and i don`t get the message at all with them.

I have just purchased the same carts as you. Are they any good?

yep fine, no different from the one`s i buy localy for £3 - £5 each.

Try this site for getting your cartridges

ive always got them from here and found them to be extremely reliable and cheap…beats payin a tenner at pc world

i get the datasafe ones from svp now.