Epson R280 CIS System?

Hello Folks.

I have two requests. I just bought a Epson R280 off Ebay, without the cartridges of course, seller kept those.

A =================
Is anyone in North America using a CIS System (continuous ink) with an R280 printer? I mean actually using, not just musing.

I would like to buy one, but because of the new chip, I do not wish to rely on advertisements, as it is headache dealing with vendors back and forth afterwards if things go boink.

B =================
Does someone have a used empty leftover set of Epson R260 / R280 Factory OEM Cartridges that they forgot to throw away or are being used as a substitute bone for their robot dog?

Before I buy a CIS, I need a set of cartridges to initialize this turkey, and I see no point of shelling out 50 quid just for that purpose. Heck the CIS itself nowadays costs that much.

If someone has one, I will be happy to compensate them for shipping via Paypal etc.

Thank you and God Bless.

G & G makes compatible tanks for this machine that has a functional chip on it. However, there are 2 revisions of the printer and the tanks. Printers made before May '07 can use either tank revision, and printers made after April, '07 must use the 2nd revision tank. Point being that getting “any old tank” is not the way to go, you need to be sure you’re getting the correct one. You can tell when your printer was made by the serial number, I’ve forgotten which of the numbers tell you, but the info is out there.

I would buy a new printer before I’d pay for a complete set of Epson tanks, the R260 and R280 are almost that cheap now days, and come with a full set of 78 tanks.

Thank you CDamn.

Well, the reason for my asking was that I bought an Epson 220 earlier and after I used up the OEM carts, I threw them away and started using these generic ones. After a while one day, out of the blue, the printer started to give this error message, “Cannot Recognize Ink, Use Original Epson” blah blah blah. I could not bypass that error, golly, I tried everything. SSC utility, chip resetter, disconnect reconnect, unisntall, re-install, you name it, I tried it. Annoying. Now I have an Epson 220 sitting here, hardly 2 months old, but useless.

So I bought this new R280, it was thirty bucks on Ebay. Except after I bought it I realized that this thing is even more screwed up then the R220. Which is why i was askinfg about the CIS, as I hate to spend all that money and then the printer reject the whole thing at the end.

But apparently, I ve done some more research today and I ve found that the newer CIS systems now have all found a way around this whole “Epson keeps changing the chip” and “Printer rejecting non-OEM chip” issues.

What they now do is to link all 6 individual cartridge chips together such that they can all then be “fed” from a single Epson OEM cartridge!! Its quite amusing, the OEM cart (just one) is literally sitting face flat on top of the printhead assembly and its job is not to feed ink but to simply provide the chip signal that is apparently then fed to all 6 of the generic CIS cartidges that are actually feeding the ink inside the print head.

So theoretically, in the future, everytime Epson comes up with a new chip, you simply buy one piece of it and stick on top and feed the new chip dynamics thru the generic chips inside the printhead. Very interesting.