Epson R280 Business Card CD printing straight to disc

I have an Epson R280 and would like to print business card cd labels straight to disc (rectangle shaped).
Does anyone know of a print tray I can use to do this ? Is anyone else printing rectangle shaped business card cds?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The R280 comes with a print tray and an insert for the print tray.
No where in the documentation does it tell you what the insert is for.
Well, it’s for Business Card CDs. I taped it in place with scotch tape and played around with it. There is no template for this. I used the Epson print CD software and trail and error to figure where to place the image. It is a terrible solution, but it will print the Business Card CDs.
Be sure to tape the insert in place so that the rectangle is straight across the CD, not on an angle.
Joseph Francis

Use a small carpentry or engineering square to align the insert in the tray. Then measure the printable area on your disk with a small ruler & use those numbers to set up your image area in PrintCD.

I have Surething 5 and under Epson printer it has a template for hockey rink discs. As for the tray you just use whatever you would for a mini disc i’m guessing? Make sure you get it lined up correctly.

what is vinyl cd?

Why did you post that question in this thread? This one is about printing card-size CDs - nothing about vinyl.

i know its about card size cd, but in BOB’s screenshot there is option to print vinyl cd on epson printer. i have asked question in this thread reffering a post in this thread.

Tried Sure Thing. Bought It. Love it.
Much better than Epson program.
Thank you.
Joseph Francis

Tried Sure Thing. Bought It. Love it.
Much better than Epson program.
Thank you.
Joseph Francis[/QUOTE]Well glad it worked for you. I have 3 or 4 hockey rink printables here that a friend of mine gave me and only used one for a quality test with Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Maybe this will help petmilk.

I don’t know what this vinyl disc is that is listed.

Thanks for all the conversation on a solution for the R280 business card challenge. My current solution is in progress. I have ordered the print tray insert from a couple of Epson models that were designed for rectangle cds. Hopefully, one of these inserts will fit the R280 tray. In addition, I will then need to find the media to fit the insert. Will post my results as they occur.

Thank you!